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Hello! Welcome to my Wedding Films page! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a Yorkshire based Wedding Videographer. Below you can find out a bit more about why I love wedding videography (and why I think you’ll love having one) alongside examples of my work.

Wedding Videography

Wedding Films will always hold a special place in my heart. Having dedicated four years of my life to studying film production at University, filmmaking is a part of my core! In fact, I’m so passionate about wedding videography that I made a video on the subject! (See below)

Would you like to see some examples of my wedding films?

Below is a little selection of my *creative wedding films.

Mini Teaser

Teaser Trailer

Highlights Film

Feature Film

Why I Love Wedding Videography

I want to preface this by saying I love both wedding photography and wedding videography equally! And I don’t believe one is better than the other. While some people may see them as similar, I believe they offer very different ways to relive your memories.

I mentioned that I love my parent’s wedding photo album in my video ‘should you hire a wedding videographer?’ There’s something satisfying and nostalgic about flicking through the pages, seeing my dad with a full set of hair and how gorgeous my mum looked in her wedding dress. But what I wouldn’t give to be able to hear my dad’s speech or to watch my mum walk down the aisle! (From what I understand it was a rather romantic affair. The electricity in the church went off so my dad spent ages setting up and lighting candles! I can only imagine my mum’s reaction as she saw the church for the first time as sadly it wasn’t photographed either).

I’m not saying a wedding film could ever replace my parent’s photo album, you can’t touch or feel a video. However, I truly believe that being able to see and hear the sights and sounds of a wedding is something really very special. It’s an entirely different experience to photography.

So… Should you hire a wedding videographer?

I love filmmaking as an art form as well as from a technical point of view (I’m a bit of a gear geek). So maybe I’m biased, well I know I am (LOL) but I promise you won’t regret having a wedding film. In fact, many of my couples (especially those who booked me last minute) were so glad that they did choose to have a wedding film! I promise I’m not making it up! So here are some quotes from reviews I’ve had where my couples hadn’t originally planned on having a wedding videographer…

“I was never keen on the thought of having a videographer but I can hands down without question, say having you for our wedding filming was the best decision throughout the whole process.”

– Victoria & Simon

“I am so so glad I picked you, because I wasn’t looking to get a videographer, but after looking at your work, I felt like I needed to and it was the best choice I could have made.”

– Kally & Dave

“We were incredibly lucky to find Elizabeth late in the wedding game and we are so glad that we did.”

– Louise & Tom

With all that said… What’s it going to cost, eh?

Wedding Videography Packages

Daisy £1400

Up to 12 hours of coverage

Teaser Trailer (2-3 mins)

Highlights Film (6-8 mins)

Ceremony & Speeches

Welsh Poppy £1700

Up to 12 hours of coverage

Teaser Trailer (2-3 mins)

Feature Film (12-15 mins)

Ceremony & Speeches

Yorkshire Wedding Videographer | Wildflower Wedding Films

***COVID-19 Photography and Videography Coverage***

With my own wedding affected by COVID-19, I fully understand how heart-breaking postponements and cancellations have been. Now that restrictions have started to lift and weddings are able to proceed I have decided to offer hourly coverage. Due to the current restrictions, my hope is that the flexible coverage will be ideal for those who wish to have a wedding photographer or videographer but a full day package is not required. 

Photography: £150 per hour

Videography: £200 per hour

Combined Photo and Video Coverage: £275 per hour

I will be offering this service to those within a 2-hour radius from LS25 (Yorkshire) or a 3-hour radius with a minimum of a 2-hour booking.

For further details regarding my hourly service, please contact me through my contact page.

Yorkshire Wedding Videographer | Wildflower Wedding Films

yorkshire wedding films

*What is a ‘Creative’ wedding film?

A creative wedding film is a term I use to describe a wedding film that isn’t the Ceremony or Speeches. Basically, a wedding film that I have edited creatively.

More examples of my wedding films can be seen over on my YouTube Channel! You can also find Wildflower Wedding Films on Facebook and Instagram. I also offer Wedding Photography which you can see examples of Here.

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